Corporate Social Responsibilities: CSR

Overall Policy

WICE’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities reflect our ongoing commitment to, and are a natural extension of, our vision to be a highly respected company. We strive to generate maximum social value, improve the environment and the standard of living, as well as conserving Thai culture. Through various approaches the Company supports social activities, donations, and community volunteer work. In each activity the Company combines internal and external resources to enhance corporate value, helping to build a better society. These campaigns do not only concern donations but also our employees, other organizations and the community.

For internal operational planning, The Company has appointed a project planning committee. The committee, for brainstorming ideas, comprises of employees from various departments. The implementation of each activity follows these steps:

1. Design a project activity including a set of objectives for CSR-related initiatives.
2. Planning each step of the activity, staff budget and state agency participations.
3. Raise awareness amongst employees and the public about the event. Monitor the project and upon completion evaluate whether it achieved its goal.

The Company conducts business and commits to social responsibility, environmental issues and the Stakeholders in compliance with SET CSR regulations. The Company and its Subsidiaries have adopted the ‘CSR in process’ policy as described below;

The Company and its Subsidiaries conduct business with fairness and a strong belief in Good Corporate Governance. To create a fair, competitive market under the following code of conduct;

1. The Company conducts business in a perfect competitive market and operates under perfect competition, avoiding favoritism and collusion.
2. To refrain from acquiring a competitor’s confidential information in an illegal or unethical manner
i.e. bribery.
3. To not discredit or unfairly attack competitors without the facts.
4. To not support Intellectual property infringement and promoting the fair use of copyrighted products and services.

The Company advocates fairness in business operation, considers the benefit of Social Responsibility and the Stakeholders and complies with the rules of Good Corporate Governance. The Company follows strictly anti-corruption regulations at every level of its work process including decision making. The Company has signed an intention to join the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against corruption. The project started through the cooperation of the Thai IOD, TCC and Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce (JFCCT) is now supported by a total of seven leading private sector partner organizations, also including the Listed Companies Association, Thai Bankers’ Association, and Federation of the Thai Capital Market Organizations, Federation of Thai Industries and Tourism Council of Thailand. Currently the company is in the process of becoming a member.

Fluman rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever their circumstances or status. Each and every person is equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. The principles of The Company and its Subsidiaries regarding Fluman Rights are;

1. To support and protect Fluman Rights, ensuring no one’s Fluman Rights are being infringed i.e. through human tracking or child labor
2. To promote and encourage Fluman Rights exercises within the organization in accordance with the International human rights laws.

The company strongly believes in treating all employees fairly and justly, the promotion of health and safely in the work place and developing the capabilities of the organization and its employees to maximize performance, as well as develop the system process and to create a culture of innovation. The principles of Fair Labor practice are as follows;

1. Fair working conditions and fair wages based on performance.
2. The availability of fringe benefits such as annual leave, overtime and appropriate healthcare.
3. To Promote, transfer, reward or punish with justice and equality based on the performance and competency of the employees.
4. The Company shall provide a safe and healthy workplace environment, preventing accidents or injuries resulting from the operation.
5. To develop employee’s skills and capabilities by always encouraging the opportunity to learn.
6. To strictly follow the laws and regulations and in compliance with employee’s rights.
7. To refrain from discriminatory practices or attitudes that may affect work stability and to always treat the employees with due respect.

The Company strives to deliver high quality services at an acceptable price. The customer’s information will always remain confidential and they will receive added benefits whenever possible. The Company shall comply strictly with our customer regulations, the principles of which are as follows;

1. To offer the best quality and high standards in accordance with the customer’s requirements whenever possible.

2. Continuously develop services and create value added business to increase customer benefits.

3. To give only factual and unbiased information to the customer, for their consideration.

4. Customer’s confidential information will not be misused by the company or related associations.

The Company demonstrates a high level of environmental awareness. The Company is concerned about global warming and does not support any action that could cause pollution, effect quality of life or damage the ecosystem. The environmental principles are as follows;

1. Use resources effectively, set out energy saving regulations and recycle materials when possible.

2. Develop products and services that do not have adverse effects on the environment and safe to use.

3. Always support corporate social responsibility activities.

The Company supports business practices that promote quality of life, help build the economy and strengthen the community and society. The Participation in the community and social development are as follows;

1. Support local community employment.

2. Encourage activities related to the community and society such as offering scholarships to local schools and blood donation.

3. To raise awareness of social responsibility and environmental issues throughout the Company.

4. Conduct business comply with the laws and regulations of the objective, thus the company participation and support in CSR activities.

The Company supported Children’s Day activity in 2016. The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of children and to encourage the children to participate in social activities.

The Company creates Disclosure reports providing additional information in accordance with SEC (Form 56-1) and (Form 56-2).