Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is committed to good corporate governance in accordance with the regulations of The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and The Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET). The purpose of corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management.

The Main Principles of the Code

The Board of Directors has appointed three subcommittees; Financial Committee, Management Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee to oversee and provide evaluations based on the underlying principles of good governance practices. It is their responsibility to ensure the company acts in the best interests of the shareholders, and with full disclosure and transparency in accordance with the rules and regulations of The Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET). The Board has adopted a written charter outlining its primary responsibilities.

The Main Principles of the Code is divided into 5 sections

WICE Logistics Public Company Limited is concerned with shareholders’ rights in accordance with rules and regulations pertaining to justice and fairness. These rights include, but are not limited to, ethical principal practices, disclosure and transparency, and the timely and accurate submission of documents; ensuring company reliability for the investors.

The Company places a strong emphasis on basic rights and equitable treatment. All shareholders have the right to fair practice without discrimination, whatever their position or status i.e. management positions, non-executive shareholders, foreign shareholders or minority shareholder; in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. The policy based on the Good Corporate Governance and the Company’s performance to create the creditability to the shareholders and stakeholders.

The Company sustains various groups of stakeholders whether they be internal stakeholders or outside of the Company such as customers, shareholders, and staffs. Also concern social responsibility in the environment to ensure that the stakeholders will be treated appropriately, equally, and fairly. The Board of Directors will carefully choose the company’s stakeholders so as to protect the company and its stakeholders from needless risk. The Board of Directors will report any relevant additional information as well as the company’s financial state to conform to the relevant principles.

The Company shall comply with the rules in order to serve the stakeholder’s requirements. The Board of Directors, Management team and Company Employees should direct influence to policy of the Roles of Stakeholders

The Board of Directors are responsible for the management to provide appropriate communication and disclose information which benefits the shareholders, such as financial statements according to the accounting and independent auditor’s standards. The company is committed to complying with accounting standards, as well as the auditor’s suggestions and relevant details, for the most precise, accurate, transparent and appropriate details according to the regulations of The stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Consideration of the company’s confidential information might affect stock market decision making or changes in the price of the stock.

The Board of Directors strongly believe in a good governance as a vital factor to push of the organization to achieve its goals. The Board of Directors are committed to legal responsibility and practice of the company and its stakeholders, and also provide direction for the organization to achieve the goals of the business for the best interest of the company, shareholders and stakeholders.