Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

Dear Shareholders

In 2017 the global economic outlook had been accelerated at the end of 2016. One significant factor that helped the world economy in 2017 was the recovery of the reflation. The elevation of commodity prices is created by the rising of oil price and the policy of reducing excess capacity in China. This price factor makes global trade and export number value, most of which are industrial goods, consumer product, and electronic components improve at of the 2016.

Despite the growth directly support of the logistics industry, the company is still operating according to its vision and strategic plan by expanding trade and investment, building a strategic alliance in key transportation areas in Asia, supporting the expansion of goods and services to foundation for sustainable growth in the future.

Recently, WICE has increased its competitiveness by creating a partnership with Sun Express Logistics Pte. Ltd. (SEL) in Singapore and Universal Worldwide Transportation Limited (UWT) in Hong Kong and China. However, the company’s mission is to drive the Thai logistics company to International Logistics Services and Solutions Provider in Asia in 2018. The company will cooperate with alliances in different countries to take WICE to international level and will continue to expand the network in the major trades.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of WICE Logistics Public Company Limited, we would like to thank our shareholders for your continuing support, your confidence and above all for your trust. We also would like to thank all of our sponsors for their good support. We look forward to that continued support in the future.

The Company strives to adhere to the principles of good governance towards every element for the benefit of all the best interest of the company such as, shareholders, traders, partners, society, environment and employees altogether with the company’s growth.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and employees for your commitment and your hard work to stabilize, strengthen and sustain the growth of the company. Your dedication is the core competency which enables company to grow sustainably according to the goals of the organization.

Mr. Ekaphol Pongstabhon
Chairman of the Board
Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Shareholders

It has been a significant time for WICE Logistics Public Company Limited. The company has operated for over 23 years in 2016 and 2 years after the company listed on stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Last year we confronted global uncertainty and continues to challenge the slow-growth in logistics industry. However, the company diversification-based strategy continues to evolve, and has resulted in sustained growth and continuous improvement at the expected growth rate.

WICE’s growth in 2016 was a vital time than previous years. The company expansion to serve the customer with total logistics solutions, the extension of service for the existing client and the new client both in Thailand and international. The expansion in sea freight forwarding business and air freight forwarding business, customs clearance, internal transportation, warehouse management. After the company purchased Sun Express Logistics Pte. Ltd. (SEL), registered company in Singapore, the company will increase solid performance and stabilize the earnings. This is the first full year of SEL revenue recognition and the company commitment to develop a network of partners that strategically aligned to sustain the growth and continue to grow together.

I strongly believe that this year will also be another challenging year in all aspects, knowledge, capability and vision. I would like to ask for your support for the management team and employees to go through obstacles and difficult situations. Continue to sustain and improve the growth of the company which is the company milestone. The company promise to create the best interest to the shareholders.

Lastly I would like to thank all the shareholders, business partners, customers and benefactors for the continuous trust and support. The key to success of the company is the employees, I would like to thanks you all for your contribution, diligence and your flexibility to move forward our company and this has become our corporate culture and the strength of WICE. Together we will achieve our goal with strength and stability.

Mrs. Araya Kongsoonthorn
Chief Executive Officer