WICE Successfully Wins Thailand Best Managed Companies Award from Deloitte

WICE has achieved success by winning the prestigious ” Thailand Best Managed Companies” Awards from Deloitte this year, said Dr. Araya Kongsoontorn, Chief Executive Officer of Wise Logistics Public Company Limited. that

We have gained knowledge and insights to achieve Thailand Best Managed Companies. We are able to also see areas where we can still improve and develop more. The process was like summarizing and telling the whole story of the company, which is a valuable approach which we will apply to prepare the Company’s annual strategies, and used as a guide to pass on the business from generation to generation of executives and teams in order to follow the vision of the organization that we can set the future for WICE to last a hundred years and can continue to grow.

Dr. Araya Kongsoonthorn, Chief Executive officer of wice logistics pcl.

Best Managed Companies or BMC is an award given to companies in Thailand with outstanding performance. BMC is the flagship project of Deloitte private business, an exclusive service for private companies. Deloitte initiated the BMC program in Canada in 1993. Currently, the award is awarded to private companies in 17 countries around the world. It is a global symbol for measuring the success of an organization’s business. It is the global standard which can used as a benchmark to compare their business operations with other global businesses.